Welcome to TigerzMS! We are a v.62 server with Hamachi! D: srry guys :]
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I have decided to close the server FOR NOW. I have my senior year coming up, trying to get a job and just alot of stuff to do this year. I will put it back up next year possibly. I am sorry to disappoint but i will let everyone know when its back up if your willing to leave your email address! =) Have fun!
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 Heya :)

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PostSubject: Heya :)   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:00 am


Well, i guess ill just begin talking Wink

My name is Frans, my in game name will be Franskeeh or Black (since thats my name for 4 years in most of the private servers I have played).
My main hobby is of course playing games and in winter I do the sport ice skating (speed skating, not figure or something xD)

my age is 15, turning 16 in January.
I live in The Netherlands, where the time is (GMT+1)

I am learning to become a proffesional GFX to create games and such, so if you want me to make a signature for you, i would be pleased to do it. (it wont be perfect because i am not very experienced with it yet, sorry.)

Thats about it, just post a reply if you want to know anything else!
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Heya :)
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